Exceptional Care Can Balance the Cost of Dental Crowns

Broken, chipped, and cracked teeth can cause significant pain, and may ultimately require extraction. However, a dental crown can provide vital strength and protection to preserve damaged teeth. Dr. Neil L. Starr has been a renowned leader in placing dental crowns for years, providing quality, individualized restorations. His friendly staff can also help patients determine the cost of dental crowns at his Washington, D.C., office. Our dental crowns are made of durable, natural-looking materials that will be specially customized for each of our patients' unique needs. 

Photo of dental crowns

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Crowns

The total cost of dental crowns is dependent on several factors, including the materials that are chosen, anesthesia used, and additional treatments required. At our office we only use the best materials to provide natural-looking crowns with lasting resultsDr. Starr also wants to ensure the comfort of every patient, and may be able to provide further anesthesia so that all patients can comfortably receive the treatment they need. Additional or specialized anesthesia can increase the total cost of treatment. Our friendly staff can determine exact costs at the time of their appointment.

Dr. Starr will only place a restoration if he thinks that the patient's oral health is stable enough to allow successful treatment. Some patients may require additional restorative procedures in order to restore their oral health before receiving a crown, which can increase the overall treatment cost.  A full-mouth reconstruction may be necessary to ensure optimal results, but can lower the crown procedure cost by combining treatment with other restorative solutions. 

Financing Options

Dr. Starr and his experienced staff can work with patients to place the cost of this vital procedure comfortably within varied budgets. Our team can maximize the most of insurance coverage. For what insurance does not cover, we offer various financing options, and accept multiple forms of payment. We are happy to accept Lending Club, CareCredit℠, and most major credit cards to help all patients afford necessary treatment.

Made from highly lifelike and extremely strong materials, patients can be confident that their dental crowns will be durable, natural-looking, and created by a world-class dentist. 

An Investment in Excellence

Dr. Starr uses the finest materials to create dental crowns that are customized for each patient. Made from highly lifelike and extremely strong materials, patients can be confident that their dental crowns will be durable, natural-looking, and created by a world-class dentist. Dr. Starr is a consummate craftsman, and has helped countless patients achieve a balanced bite and restored oral form and function.

In addition, most dentists send their patients' dental impressions out to a third party lab for manufacture. However, Dr. Starr creates his dental crowns in-office. This saves the patient time, and Dr. Starr's custom craftsmanship adds value to the dental crowns. When patients receive dental restorations from Dr. Starr, they can be confident they are receiving nothing but the best.

Receive World-class Care

Dr. Starr is dedicated to providing the best quality treatment and restorations to every patient. To learn more, or to schedule a personal consultation with the most experienced and trusted dentist in Washington, D.C., contact our office today.