Understanding the Factors that Determine the Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide life-changing benefits for oral health and confidence, restoring the appearance of your smile and preventing additional jawbone atrophy. However, many patients may become concerned about the expense because insurance typically does not cover dental implants treatment. Dr. Neil L. Starr helps patients achieve high quality results with dental implants, and can explain the cost of dental implants with patients during a consultation at his Washington, D.C, office. His team is also available to discuss all financing options to help place the cost of this unrivaled treatment comfortably within any budget.

Quality is Essential

Dental implants are an investment for lasting oral health, and should not be considered lightly. It is crucial that patients receive treatment from a highly trained dental professional. Choosing inexpensive dental care often costs patients more when revision surgery and corrective dental work are needed because of inexperienced or underqualified practitioners. Dr. Starr is a respected dental expert who has established a trusted network and dental team. He can coordinate implant placement procedures with a top-tier surgeon, and will oversee every patient's treatment and recovery to ensure their safety and comfort.  

Dental Implant Options

The number of dental implant posts placed is a large factor in determining overall cost. For a dental crown, only one dental implant is needed. For larger restorations, such as bridges, two or more posts may be necessary. Implant-supported dentures or full-arch bridges typically require four or more dental implants to appropriately distribute pressure. The more posts that are required, the higher the total expense will be.

Supported Restorations

Dr. Starr is dedicated to providing the highest quality restorations to his patients. He is a world-renowned prosthodontist, specializing in providing restorations that are easy to care for while improving patients' oral health, bite and esthetics. With his respected, extensive expertise and quality care he can provide patients with the advanced treatment they need for a restored smile. Dr. Starr is also one of the few dentists able to offer the advanced Prettau® Bridge, a full-arch restoration made of highly customized zirconia for extreme durability and a life-like appearance. While more specialized materials can increase the overall treatment cost, patients can achieve far more life-like results with lasting quality.

Dr. Starr's team is available to discuss all financing options to help place the cost of dental implants comfortably within any budget.

Additional Procedures

Not all patients will immediately qualify for dental implants treatment. Any periodontal issues or decay must be addressed prior to receiving implants to ensure that health issues do not limit the success of treatment. Some patients may also require preparatory procedures such as a bone graft or sinus lift to ensure they have sufficient bone density and height to support the implant posts. Dr. Starr uses highly accurate and advanced technology to determine the candidacy and best treatment options for all patients. He can ensure that all pre-existing conditions are effectively cared for to ensure treatment success.

Start Planning Treatment Today

Concerns about treatment cost are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about implants. Patients interested in discussing treatment with an accredited dental professional should contact Dr. Starr today to schedule a consultation. With his experience and expertise, he can provide personalized, accurate treatment estimates.