Dental Implants Timeline

Investing in dental implants can provide significant benefits - remarkably lifelike, stable implant restorations to replace missing teeth. Although the typical dental implants timeline includes an extended osseointegration period, Dr. Neil L. Starr’s Washington, D.C., patients can benefit from advanced techniques and approaches for faster, more streamlined treatment. In some cases, patients can even receive an implant-supported restoration the same day as implant placement. Dr. Starr can oversee the entire dental implants process for his patients through Premierdontics™. This process includes custom designs for high-quality temporary and permanent implant restorations, such as the zirconia Prettau® Style Bridge

Varying Timelines

The time period from dental implant surgery to the day the final restoration will generally take four to six months. Timing varies depending upon the number of implants placed, the types of implants chosen, and where in the jaw they are located. It will usually take longer for implants to fully fuse with bone in the upper jaw. 

graphic showing timeline of dental implants treatment

Phases of Treatment

For prospective dental implants patients, the process always begins with determining candidacy for the procedure. Because surgically-placed titanium posts are supported by the jaw bone, the size and density of a patient's bone is important to the success of treatment. Dr. Starr uses an advanced 3-D iCAT® digital scanner to assess the jaw, as well as to create a precise, custom plan for implant surgery.  

If receiving traditional dental implants, the steps involved in treatment will include:

  • Surgical placement: Outpatient dental implant surgery, performed by a trusted oral surgeon, takes about one to two hours. Depending on the number of implants placed, the initial recovery period after oral surgery is two to four days, at which time normal activities can be resumed.   
  • Osseointegration: A period of three to six months is generally needed for multiple implants to become fully integrated with the jawbone. A single implant for a dental crown in the lower arch may be ready within two months. Patients can wear a temporary restoration during this time.
  • Abutment Attachment : Once osseointegration is complete, abutment posts are attached to the implants. A period of several days to two weeks is required for gum tissue to heal around these connector pieces. 
  • Permanent restoration: Dr. Starr and his team can take an additional oral impression and fabricate the final restoration. The new restoration, which can be cared for just like natural teeth, is then placed in a subsequent appointment.

For patients who require preparatory procedures to supplement the jawbone prior to implants placement, the timeline is substantially longer. Depending on the extent of surgery, bone grafting and sinus lifts add an average of four months to the implants process.  

Dr. Starr can provide Teeth-in-a-Day® for many patients, an approach that provides immediate restoration with an implant-attached bridge.

Advanced Approaches for Expedited Results

Although the traditional dental implants timeline takes several months, some patients can receive a a restoration on the same day of implant placement. Dr. Starr can provide Teeth-in-a-Day® for many patients, an approach that provides immediate restoration with an implant-attached bridge. He can coordinate with trusted oral surgeons to ensure patients receive convenient, life-changing care during a single procedure.

Dr. Starr also restores several types of dental implants, including mini implants and All-on-4®, 5 or 6. These techniques can eliminate a need for bone grafting and shorten the implants timeline considerably. Renowned for his expertise in prosthodontics, Dr. Starr provides the highest quality of restorations, consistently meeting and exceeding his patients' expectations.

Begin Replacing Missing Teeth

Through advanced technology and techniques, patients can undergo convenient, state-of-the-art treatment to replacing missing teeth and their improve quality of life. To explore a dental implants-supported solution for tooth loss, please contact our office online or call (202) 293-7177 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Starr. You can also read through answers to frequently asked questions.