Advanced Prosthodontics Can Rebuild a Compromised Smile

An elderly man wearing a gray suit and blue tie.Dr. Neil L. Starr is a recognized leader in prosthodontics, providing patients with truly outstanding smiles and great functional bites at his Washington, D.C. office. Holding dual certification in periodontics and periodontal prosthetics from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, he uses his state-of-the art  laboratory to create crowns and bridges that are exceptional in their strength, appearance, comfort, and durability. Choosing a prosthodontist with Dr. Starr's resources and experience is the surest way to achieve a restored smile that looks natural, functions properly, and provides long-term satisfaction. Check out our testimonial section for a greater appreciation. To learn more about how Dr. Starr can restore a compromised smile, check out his makeover section and schedule an appointment today.

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Examination and Treatment Planning

Treatment begins with a thorough examination collecting detailed information that Dr. Starr will then collate to develop a customized clinical plan. Dr. Starr also has a number of advanced diagnostic tools at his disposal, including a 3-D iCAT scanner. This low-radiation tool produces exceptionally clear 3-D images of the jaw structure for a thorough oral health assessment. His extraoral optical scanner digitizes impressions and study molds, providing additional data that can be merged together with the 3-D iCat Scanner to create a higher level of diagnostic information.

For all esthetically challenging treatments, Dr. Starr regularly creates a composite mockup of the intended restorations. This allows patients to preview how their improved smile will look and feel. Based on patient feedback, Dr. Starr can make the fine adjustments that help set his work apart. Dr. Starr always performs the meticulous work necessary for absolute patient satisfaction.

View our work and real patient results

Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Dr. Starr provides treatment for all restorative dental needs, even in complicated circumstances, such as facial deformities or full mouth reconstruction. He often calls upon the assistance of select specialists so that every step of treatment is performed  by individuals that have expertise in their selected fields, such as orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and oral surgery. Meanwhile, Dr. Starr will manage all aspects of treatment and serve as the patient’s main point of contact.

Onsite Laboratory

Dr. Starr works closely with a world-class technician and master ceramist at his onsite lab. They begin by using information gathered from the examination, along with detailed digital impressions. Dr. Starr and the technician also take into account the patient’s facial form, bite patterns, and skin and tooth color, among other data. This acute attention to detail means that restorations are built from the ground up to fit with absolute accuracy. Patients can rest assured that their restorations will blend in beautifully with their natural teeth and provide excellent durability and comfort.

The All-On-4, 5 or 6, Implant-Supported Prettau® Style Zirconia Bridge

As part of his comprehensive prosthetic services, Dr. Starr proudly offers patients the Prettau® Style Bridge. This type of restoration is quickly being recognized as one of the best solutions for missing teeth. Made of zirconia, these restorations are durable, look natural, and have the added benefit of causing no abrasion to the existing teeth on the opposite dental arch. Prettau® Style Bridges are built on and supported by a minimum of 4 to 6 dental  implants.  It is structurally the strongest and most durable long-term solution to restore the dentition of the upper or lower jaw, when the dentition has been seriously affected  by decay, periodontal / gum disease, missing teeth without replacement, bite collapse or traumatic insult. They do not absorb stains or odors. With Prettau® Style Bridges, patients can eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy life with improved confidence.

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Dr. Starr is considered one of the top providers of high quality crowns, veneers and bridges in the world. To learn more about the benefits of Dr. Starr's expertise in prosthodontics, contact our practice today.