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How Can You Tell if You Have Bad Breath?

Posted on 5/10/2019 by Neil Starr DDS PC
How Can You Tell if You Have Bad Breath?You probably cannot smell your own breath, and if you can, then it is best to speak with us because that means it has gotten out of control. If you cannot though, then you probably want to know how you can find out if your breath is all that bad. This can be done with a few simple steps.

Of course, just coming into our office for the regular 6-month cleanings and exams might be the best way to ensure that your breath is not bad, knowing other signs can also put your mind at ease.

Signs You Have Bad Breath

If your tongue and mouth have a white coating on them, it can be a build-up of bacteria. It can also mean other medical conditions, as well. Having a dry mouth or one that hurts in the morning can be a symptom of bad breath.

If you have thick feeling saliva that is hard to swallow, post-nasal drip, a sour or metallic taste in the mouth or build up around your teeth can all signal that you have bad breath. Any of these conditions should be considered, but you should always consult with our dental experts to find out what you can do about bad breath.

It is important that you speak with us if you find that you have bad breath. This is due to many underlying causes, but having the proper dental health can reduce the chances of having bad breath. Our dental hygienists are able to clean off the coating on the outside of the teeth, so you can smile with more ease and know that when you speak with someone, you don't have bad breath. Call us today to set up a time to come in for work that needs to be done.

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