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Can an Oral Infection Lead to Sepsis?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Neil Starr DDS PC
Can an Oral Infection Lead to Sepsis?An oral infection can easily lead to sepsis. That is why we stress that patients immediately contact us should they get an oral infection, as this type of development is an emergency.

Defining an Oral Infection

Usually, an oral infection develops because of deep dental decay. Things really get serious when you have an abscess – a pocket filled with pus that can be located inside the gum, next to a tooth, or at the end of a tooth's root. Even if the pocket ruptures, which usually relieves the pain, the infection can still easily spread through other parts of the body. When this occurs, the condition can quickly turn into sepsis. This medical problem can lead to a breakdown of body parts and even death.

An Oral Infection Is an Emergency

Unlike a small cavity, deep and deadly dental decay can cause symptoms that can surprise you when an infection accompanies it. Plus, not all infections are immediately apparent. That is why you need to see us every six months to have a dental exam. You need to be conscientious about your dental health, as doing so can prevent unanticipated complications. If you have a fever, that is a warning; you need to see a dental or health care professional immediately.

Symptoms of an Oral Infection

Usually, people contact us about an oral infection when they notice symptoms, such as the fever, or experience tooth pain, bleeding gums, or a swollen jaw. Besides dental decay, infections may also result from cracks in the teeth or prior trauma to the mouth or jaw. If germs can settle inside an opening in a tooth, an infection can develop, turning serious.

If you have any symptoms of an oral infection, they will not resolve themselves. You need to contact us right away. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and an exam now.

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