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Choosing Between Implants and Dentures

A woman smiling after receiving dental implants at Neil Starr, DDS, PC in Washington, DCTooth loss has many causes, including gum disease, facial trauma, and severe tooth decay. No matter what the reason for your missing teeth, and no matter how many you lose, tooth loss has major effects on the functions of your mouth, your appearance, and your overall quality of life. At Neil Starr, DDS, PC we can replace your missing teeth with dentures or with dental implants. We can help you to choose the best option for your needs, restoring the functions of your missing teeth and giving you your life back.

Traditional Dentures

For hundreds of years, dentures have been the go-to solution for replacing missing teeth. Over the years, they have undergone numerous developments and improvements to make them more natural in appearance and improve their comfort. Dentures are a removable prosthesis. Acrylic resin teeth are set into a hard, acrylic base. Dentures are custom created based on impressions of your mouth. The base is made to rest directly on your gums, which provide the prosthesis with support. Dentures can be used to replace a full arch of missing teeth, commonly called a full denture or a section of missing teeth.

Dentures replacing a section of missing teeth are called partial dentures and have metal clasps that attach to your healthy teeth to provide additional support. Dentures restore the functions of your missing teeth, making it possible to bite, chew, and speak normally. Because they are more natural in appearance than older styles of dentures, they can restore your smile. However, despite these benefits, dentures do require additional daily care. They can also be uncomfortable and may slip out of place, causing embarrassing situations as well as painful sores. Additionally, dentures cannot stop bone loss in your jaw, meaning that they will need to be replaced every few years to accommodate your changing jaw.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern treatment for replacing missing teeth. This treatment uses small titanium posts that are implanted into your jawbone to support ceramic crowns. Implanting the posts involves a surgical procedure. As you heal from surgery, your bone fuses to the posts, stabilizing them within your jaw. They become strong supports that hold your crowns securely in place. Dental implants are very versatile. They can replace a single missing tooth, or they can be used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. This treatment has several significant advantages over traditional treatments. They are more natural in appearance and much more comfortable.

When the implants integrate properly, they are strong, stable and secure. Your crowns will not move or slip out of place. They are much easier to care for. One of the greatest advantages of Dental Implants, however, is that they are designed to be a long-term, even permanent, solution. However, the process of getting implants is more involved, requiring surgery and a recovery period. Implants can also be more expensive. If you are missing teeth, replacing them as soon as possible is crucial. For more information, and to learn which option is right for you, call Neil Starr, DDS, PC today at (202) 293-7177.

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Choosing Between Dental Implants & Dentures | Neil L. Starr, DDS
No matter the reason, tooth loss has major effects on your quality of life. At Neil Starr, DDS, PC we can replace your missing teeth with dentures or with dental implants. Click the link to learn about the best option for you.
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