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Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Before after smile of a patient at Dr. Starr's Office, in Washington, DCYour mouth is complex, with several different components all working together to perform multiple essential daily tasks. There are many different issues that your mouth can face. A single general dentist cannot always solve some of the more complex oral (and facial) issues. To provide you with optimal oral health, we at Neil Starr DDS PC practice interdisciplinary dentistry.

What is Interdisciplinary Dentistry?

In its simplest terms, interdisciplinary dentistry is a dental treatment that involves the use of more than one type of dentistry. It is often used for patients with complex cases that require different specialties and techniques. Multidisciplinary dentistry involves what is known as a “team approach.” This approach utilizes a team of dentists who specialize in different areas. When you have a complex case, the specialists work together in order provide you with a more accurate diagnosis, and develop a more effective treatment plan.

With interdisciplinary dentistry, there is a collaboration between the general dentist and all of the specialists. There is also a collaboration between the team and you. You are kept up to date as information is gathered and decisions are made. We have created a network of specialists that share skills, expertise, communication, and trust, which helps to create an environment (and experience) that provides you with the best results possible.

How Does the Interdisciplinary Dentistry Approach Work?

Interdisciplinary dentistry is more than just simply referring you to different specialists to correct your dental issues. Instead, all of the specialists work together. We stay in communication with the other specialists on the interdisciplinary team. This helps to reduce stress and confusion amongst specialists, as well as for you. By working together, we help to create clear expectations for the outcome of your treatment. By doing so, this provides a much more efficient approach to your oral health.

At the beginning of your treatment, we meet to discuss your diagnosis and develop a treatment plan together. We discuss every aspect of the plan to ensure that it is customized to meet your specific needs. Combining skills means a much more comprehensive and highly effective plan. You are included in the development and the execution of your treatment plan. Throughout the duration of your treatment, we may consult with one another, and with you, to provide advice and ask for input.

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Interdisciplinary dentistry provides numerous benefits:
•  By working together with other specialists, we can create a more accurate diagnosis.
•  We stay in constant communication with one another, which greatly reduces confusion and stress, for all specialists involved, and for you.
•  We can get you the treatments you need that we cannot provide in our office (for instance, we do not perform surgery).
•  You have the advantage of being presented with multiple treatment options.
•  You are kept in the loop throughout the entire treatment process. We will also consult with you during the development of your treatment plan, and throughout your treatment.
•  Because we work with other specialists cooperatively, you are provided with the best possible treatment outcome.

Maintaining the health of your mouth is important. For more information about interdisciplinary dentistry, call Neil Starr DDS PC today at (202) 293-7177.

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Interdisciplinary Dentistry Washington DC • Neil Starr, DDS
Interdisciplinary dentistry is a dental treatment that involves the use of more than one type of dentistry. It is often used for patients with complex cases that require different specialties.
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