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Foods To Snack On To Keep Breath Fresh Throughout The Day
Posted on 1/20/2020 by Neil Starr DDS PC
Having bad breath is usually very stressful. People will keep avoiding talking to you and you always have to watch your mouth. You become afraid to express yourself. Chewing gum throughout the day to keep your mouth fresh can be tiring for the jaws. It can also be expensive. Below are some of the foods that can naturally help to keep your breath fresh and if included in one's daily meals, there will be less to stress about when it comes to matters breath after meals. Foods That Freshen Your BreathYou have perfumes and sweat towels to mask your body odors. Unfortunately, little can be done to mask bad breath. You have to take proactive action to keep away bad breath and ensure oral freshness throughout. Here are some foods you can snack on to keep your breath fresh. Raw fruits and vegetablesHaving crispy fruits and vegetables such as celery, cucumber, pears, and apples help with keeping one's breath fresh. These fruits also help when it comes to saliva production. Saliva is known for its ability to aid in cleaning out the odor-producing bacteria. Additionally, the crunchiness of these fruits, helps with the scrubbing of teeth and removing left food particles. Probiotic yogurtThey contain good bacteria that tend to lower the number of sulfite compounds that are responsible for bad breath in one's mouth. The yogurt should, however, have low sugar as the bacteria in the mouth tend to feed on such sugars. Cherries and Lettuce It has been proven that cherries and lettuce have the ability to cleanse bad breath from the mouth. As digestion takes place in the mouth, the bacteria release an odorous gas known as methyl mercaptan. Cherries and lettuce help to deal with the smell of this gas. Green TeaIt has natural antioxidants that help in fighting bacteria in the mouth that tends to cause bad breath. One of the antioxidants is catechin. Polyphenols, also found in green tea, help in reducing the nasty sulfur compounds in the mouth. It is better if the tea is unsweetened. There are a lot of other foods such as ginger, melons, and citrus that you can snack on for fresh breath throughout the day. However, water is the most readily available remedy for bad breath. Take it after every meal to wash off the food remnants and any odors from your mouth. Contact our office if you need recommendations on breath-freshening products....

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